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We focus on Helping you achieve your goals

From career exploration and course selections to admissions average calculations, our focus is to help students achieve their academic and career goals as efficiently as possible. Each student is unique. We will work with you in navigating the post-secondary or graduate system in Ontario and in making informed decisions that will support your goals.

You can count on a trusted advisor at your side

Our experiences, when preparing for post-secondary or graduate studies in Ontario, are influenced by our knowledge of the system, decision-making process and necessary preparation. It can be exciting, but also confusing. That’s why you can always count on our team to go above and beyond to ensure that you know a trusted advisor is by your side.

Crystal Grant-Milson, Founder

Meet Crystal,

When people are faced with major decisions, like how to invest time or finances, it can be stressful. This is especially true for students, where the time is in years and the cost can be tens of thousands of dollars. My passion is higher educational leadership – specifically training advisors to meet students’ needs.

As I often say, “you don’t know what you don’t know”. It is important to educate students and provide them with tools to research information, get focused, advocate for themselves and take ownership of their academic journey.

In 2007, I started providing graduate level admissions and recruitment advising services to domestic and international students. My area of expertise then expanded to include undergraduate admissions and academic advising. I also have experience as a business analyst, which has enabled me to identify trends and patterns in the student life-cycle.

My educational background includes an MBA, Finance, from Northeastern University in Massachusetts, USA. In addition, I have a BA in Business and Society from York University, Canada.

I am excited to see this team grow in providing a much needed and in-demand service. My favourite part of my job is receiving positive feedback from those who have benefitted from our consultative services and are ready to, or have already, achieved their goals.

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Before committing to an advising session we welcome you to a FREE half hour consultation to get to know us, learn more about what we offer, and determine which service will best meet your needs.

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