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Get to know us and the services we provide. Meet with us virtually, or by phone, to ask about our services and the type of support you require. We will be happy to let you know which session best suits your needs and how we can help.

Program Review

½ hr $50  |  1hr $85

Our consultants can guide you in doing your due diligence to evaluate programs before committing years and tens of thousands of dollars. We can help you to discover and evaluate programs that are a match for your interests, skillsets and goals. With our support, you can navigate websites, review courses and explore potential outcomes.

Course Selection

½ hr $50

It can be confusing, trying to decide on the best course selections for good grades and relevance to future studies. Not to mention the stress of discovering that you are missing a much needed course. We cater our consulting services to the specific questions and needs of each client. Together, we can explore your scenario to determine which course selections are best aligned to your goals.

Admissions Process & Average Calculation

½ hr $50  |  1hr $85

Making the right first impression can be tough when you are uncertain of the criteria being used to evaluate your application. Our dedicated staff can lead you through the application process and provide feedback on how your information will be assessed by admissions teams. We can help you to clarify deadlines and calculate your admissions average, based on the program type and your applicant status. In addition, we can provide guidance on how best to present your case in a letter of extenuating circumstances and direction for requesting accommodations.

Graduate Admissions Prep

From $100 – $250 per review
Beginning with a free consultation

Applying to grad school can be an exciting or nerve-wrecking experience; it depends on your tools for success. The process often entails at least a personal statement, references and experiential hours, in addition to a transcript that reflects the required minimum. Our team can provide guidance for admission to academic graduate programs. This service entails a review of admissions requirements, proofreading and feedback on the strength of your application.

Ongoing Support

½ hr $50  |  1hr $85

It is one thing to get through the door, but we want to see you thrive as an undergraduate student. With an academic advising background, our team can guide you in navigating the higher educational system. We can provide advice for accessing support services, taking ownership over your academic journey and advocating for yourself while charting your course.

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